I discovered a star

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that most food just doesn't have enough cheese in it.
Not by a long shot.

But fear not Leeds, the solution is at hand and can be sniffed out at The Merrion Centre in our fair city centre. Our beloved cheese club Homage 2 Fromage has opened a pop up cheese cafe and it is GLORIOUS.

Nick and Vickie, King and Queen of cheese respectively have created a gorgeous space split into a cafe bar downstairs and restaurant space upstairs, complete with gorgeous balcony and panoramic views of the Arena quarter. As the weather cools it will be bedecked with twinkle lights and cosy blankets, perfect for snuggling up with a fondue and someone you love enough to share it with.

Speaking of sharing, on to the food! After drooling over the cheese board Starchild and I decided to try some of the small plates. We were very restrained (because the prices are so good it was very tempting to just take the LOT but gluttons as we are, we are only two people. Two very greedy people and the portions are generous for small plates) and ordered:

Macaroni cheese (pleased to report that unlike SOME places in Leeds, it actually contains macaroni and is not merely a cheese pasta) which had a scrumptious crispy topping but slithered free of its dish onto the plate, exactly as it should. And oh so tasty.

Welsh rarebit which was stuffed full of one of my absolute favourite cheeses, charcoal cheddar and I have not the words to describe it. It was INCREDIBLE. Look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT!

Courgette and aubergine parmigian (I felt a token nod to vegetables was in order, just in case I got gout but I was VERY tempted by the brocauliflower cheese as I've heard very good things about it. Next time!) which had a scrumptious tomatoey sauce and a gorgeous cheesey breadcrumb topping.

Tartiflette which is a favourite of Starchild's (though we usually serve it on sourdough toast because double carbing is for WARRIORS) and though I could not taste it, I smelled the gorgeous rich baconny goodness and jealously watched him gobble up all the potatoes from under a big slab of oozy reblochon.

In conclusion, get your ass to the Merrion Centre, pronto. You do not want to miss out on the latest fabulous offering from Homage 2 Fromage.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr
Title: New Killer Star by David Bowie