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The Greedy Pig recently launched monthly themed supper clubs at the incredibly modest price of £30 for 5 mouth-watering courses. Themes include #RootsToShoots, their famous #NoseToTail and in April #PigNSquid will be wowing the Leeds food scene.

Earlier in the month, I was devastated (though in all fairness should not have been remotely surprised) that their Vegetarian supper club Roots To Shoots had sold out in a matter of hours. By a lucky stroke of fate, I managed to secure a booking and turned up last night, stomach growling and my hair bouncing exuberantly around my head in very excited curls.

As my last Pig Post over at The Culture Vulture already said, The Pig is a home away from home for my boys and I, we're found there so often, tucking into breakfast or brunch or queuing outside for pies and mash when evening shenanigans are announced. It was transformed, however, last night from the familiar cluster of little tables to one long arrangement complete with tulips and candles and wine glasses and the ever excellent music.

And the food. Oh the food! One would think that I have, by now, run out of ways to praise Stu and Jo's cooking but if they haven't gone and impressed me all over again.

The first course was a crystal clear tomato broth with celery and black eyed peas which was like an explosion of umami in my mouth. The beans melted on my tongue and were wonderfully savoury, how Stu managed to inject so much flavour into them I will forever wonder. Hint. (Not kidding, tell me ALL the secrets!)

The second course was a gorgeous fresh crunch of rhubarb, beetroot and goats curd salad with little feathery fronds of dill. I've been making my own cheese curds for years and was still impressed by the flavour and texture. It was truly luscious!

I was further blown away by the third course, a beautiful marriage of spiced carnaroli rice fried in breadcrumbs, romesco sauce, shavings of manchego and artichoke. I love arancini, but always make it from cool leftover risotto which is very pleasing but a little stodgy given that the starchy sauce congeals over time. Stu's arancini however practically flowed from the crisp shell upon being cut open, it was completely wonderful.

Next up, the fourth course was malted grains, celeriac and a poached egg. The sweetness of the yeasty pearl barley was triggering a memory of something, but it wasn't until my dining companion Mike hit on "shreddies" that I finally made the connection. Absolutely gorgeous, possibly my favourite course, though picking just one would be worse than Sophie's Choice. I simply won't do it and you can't make me.

And last, but by no means least, pudding. The lemon blondie was absolutely staggering. The entire room turned from friendly chatter to rapt silence as we tucked in. I don't think Jo has ever baked anything that I haven't immediately fallen in love with and proceeded to gorge myself on repeatedly like a... well... pig. But this was really special. The ranges of texture from thick, silky lemon gunge at the bottom to fluffy almost meringue like centre with the thinnest, crispest shell surface was glorious and the tart raspberry coulis and sweet cream really complemented the lemon.

I honestly cannot recommend the lovely folks over at The Greedy Pig enough. Whether you are looking for a really great cup of coffee and a cake, a hangover and belly busting breakfast, a wonderful lunch (great burgers, soups, stews, sandwiches, quiches) or a sophisticated dinner - they really can and do turn their hands to anything. Don't miss their upcoming cheeseycollaboration with the fabulous Stephen of @Georgeandjoseph for Leeds Indie. If it sells out before I snag a ticket this time, I WILL cut someone.

You can follow Jo and Stu at @The_Greedy_Pig on Twitter and their supperclub news at @SwineThatDines. They're also on Facebook and Instagram.

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