Soul Love

Hello and all that, apologies that I haven't updated here in *mumbles number shamefully* but I have been doing that thing where you go out and live life instead of write about it. Horrible isn't it?

After Doing A Pregnant I was determined not to become a mummy blogger, because mainly I hate the term (Parent blogger, PARENT blogger PLEASE for the love of Pampers!) and all that it implies, but also because there are also so many fabulous blogs about parenting out there and I'd rather write about my Starchild on my private blog. But given that I am taking a career break until he's of school age/I'm done with the whole more baby-baking thing, my life does tend to revolve around parenting. And food. Always with the food. My blogging energy therefore goes towards Everything Goes With Toast and the occasional review of somewhere that really impresses me.

Which brings me to the reason why I am here, hammering at my keyboard with still-sticky fingers.

Today, The Starchild and I were testing out my new sling (yes I'm STILL babywearing, for those of you who said I wouldn't be able to when he was walking or over 20lbs) and mastering a back carry (simple rucksack wrap) on a trip to Halifax to visit a friend. He's going through another Wonder Week so when he randomly conked out on the journey home about 5pm I decided that rather than go home and battle through our usual bedtime when he likely wasn't yet tired, we'd stay out a little later and go grab a light supper (and a big honking slice of the amazing Lisa's cheesecake) at Soul Kitchen at The Wardrobe, Leeds.

There is nothing quite like the mix of comfort food and joyful spices that comes from Creole cuisine, and hoo boy have Soul Kitchen nailed it. NAILED IT I tell you.

We snuggled up in a booth together, the glow of candlelight mingling beautifully with the fading sun outside and selected three side dishes to share, which were preceded by some complimentary gumbo (mmmmspicy! Brought happy tears to my eyes) and melt-in-the-mouth fluffy bread. The butter was sat in a little puddle of something sweet and tangy which was rather lovely.

We chose wonderful, creamy macaroni cheese with a sweet potato crust (thank goodness it wasn't a mac n cheese pie, I SO agree with Ewan that mac and cheese need not become a pie. Just stop it please, leave it be!), sweet potato fries and rice and peas.

I swear, I SWUUHH that the rice and peas was one of the best thing that I have ever, ever, EVER tasted. You can turn your nose up at me all you like, fellow foodies, but it was utterly perfect in its simplicity, to the point where I had to ask what spices were used so that I could replicate it at home. Lovely clean rice, cooked somewhere between fluffy and sticky, kidney beans, a subtle hint of coconut milk, something savoury, the scent of thyme and onion. It was absolutely splendid and Mikey and I inhaled every last bit of it. I very nearly ducked under the table to hoover up the gobbets of rice that he spilled whilst deciding which of the spoons he wanted to eat with. Thankfully I still have a screed of social decorum.
Also my sincere thanks to the chef for being a darling and kindly writing down the recipe for me, I can assure you that we could definitely detect the "touch of love" that you suggested including!

Speaking of love... there is very little in this world I can tell you that makes me happier than knowing that I have easy access to The Yummy Yank's desserts. Without intending to trivialise or glamourise the crippling agony that substance abuse addicts must suffer, I do feel so much more serene when I can have my fix. Getting gestational diabetes when pregnant was miserable due to the fact that I could not indulge myself for fear of having a monstrous peanut-butter-ball baby.

And these are the faces of people who have just been told that Peanut Butter Cheesecake IS in fact available.

Oh. Mah. Gawd. Did you ever in your entire life? I can't even... *trips over tongue and falls backwards into a veritable puddle of drool*

A simply wonderful end to a wonderful meal and a wonderful day.

Note to self. Don't allow The Starchild to sample a little morsel of ice-cream and peanut butter cheesecake and not expect him not to be too wriggly to get back into his sling afterwards... this is the thing with refusing to give him any sugar or unhealthy foods. He's just not used to it - I kept thinking my phone was ringing somewhere in the depth of my skinny dungarees but it was him vibrating home!

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.
Title: Soul Love by David Bowie