This morning ‪#‎TwitterSilence‬ begun. 

Not for me, I hasten to add. 

Primarily because the use of the term "silence" is to me unequivocally the wrong choice of word to represent an issue of Twitter abuse escalating into rape threats.

Silence is part of the issue, not the solution. Rape and silence. Violence and silence. Abuse and silence. Fear and silence. Power and silence. 

Upon these subjects we should not be perpetuating, much less encouraging silence and I also do not believe that reclaiming the word "silence" is at all relevant or appropriate either. (refer to reclaiming the words gay, retard or nigger etc) 

Semantics aside, I grew up in the age of worker strikes so I do appreciate the general concept of inconveniencing people in order to get the message out.
In this case, I fail to see what this one will achieve as it is inconveniencing nobody whatsoever and silence is not a message, Silence is not educational. Silence is not dialogue.

I support the issue at hand, but I am not endorsing this method. 
And not least because we all know that attempts by myself or other people to silence me never end well.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr. 
Title: China Girl by David Bowie