Mornings of gold

It is a fine Sunday in Leeds and I am sat contentedly at the wide expanse of my kitchen table, tapping away at my Google Chromebook and singing along Frenchly to Rufus Wainwright, Juliet Greco and Edith Piaf.

My beautiful husband sits in front of me on his laptop, occasionally grinning at me and probably wondering when I'm going to play something that he can sing along to. Except for his impression of Rufus Wainwright which is actually Mr Mackey from South Park... in his opinion the way Rufus sings "Jellybeans" is the way Mr Mackey speaks. I won't ever admit this, but he does sort of have a point. Shhhh. I love you Rufus. You are a sexy, sexy talented bastard.

To my left, a rack of scones cools, filling the air with delicious scents and to my right sits, randomly, a pair of safety goggles that I used whilst zesting a pile of oranges - much to my husbands amusement.

Today I had planned a whole day in the kitchen working on some nettle recipes for Everything Goes With Toast. Nettle soup, nettle and feta tarts (I should buy some Yorkshire Fettle from Shepherd's Purse and call them Nettle and Fettle tarts! Wouldn't that be cute?), and a Nettle and yoghurt risotto. Alas, we set off with our foraging bag, gloves and secateurs this morning only to discover that the recent inclement weather has delayed the nettle season. Tiny juicy buds are starting to spread their feathery fronds but none of them are yet ready for picking and certainly would not yield the 200 or so grams that I needed today.

I shall keep checking every week and then freeze and enormous batch of them. That is if there is any room in the freezer after my huge session of soup, sauce and Mole making in preparation for the arrival of Starchild.
There are now 12 varieties of soup sectioned off into 2 person portions, 6 x 2 person portions of Mole, 6 x 2 person portions of pasta sauce and some packs of Quorn Mince, Quorn Steak Strips, Quorn Chicken and the 6 pastry cases that I made this morning for the Nettle tarts that never happened.
I love baking days. Sitting at my laptop and typing up my recipe notes with smears of butter on my cheeks and flour in my hair. A little smackerel of something to nibble on within reach. Today I have created 3 new types of scone. Chilli chocolate, lavender marshmallow and an orange, sultana and cinnamon scone which was a triumph of overwhelming proportions. I really can't tell you how divine my kitchen smells. Especially as I also made lavender scones (of course).

You won't believe it, because the last time I updated I was barely pregnant, but tomorrow is my last day at work before I start maternity leave and the scones are a designated goodbye treat for my colleagues. The transition from my Queen of The Fucking Universe work-mode to full-time motherhood is going to be an adjustment. Work is my comfort zone, I have a strong work ethic and as a result of doing something I love all day, something I'm good at - I am bathed in a glow of success.

Whilst taking care of people is also a comfort zone for me and I have strong domestic skills, I have never in my life been in a position of leisure - where I don't have structured responsibilities and deadlines. What will I do with all this time to rest, reflect, relax?

And please don't say rest, reflect, relax... *laughs* we all know that I am going to throw myself into motherhood with the same gusto that I do everything else, attacking it at 300 mph and it's not likely to be relaxing in the least having a small person to report to.

The husband and I had what will probably be our last date in a while - dinner at Dough for Valentine's Day.

Before Starchild arrives I am looking forward to having the time to wander around my beloved Leeds, meeting friends and family for lunch, reading books that I have saved on my kindle, taking long baths, pampering myself. 

I've never really been able to be this selfish before. Whilst I love a bit of indulgence, it's only been a few snatched hours - which is probably why I have appreciated it. Even holidays from work have always been filled with structured activity, DIY or people to visit. Thus far I have planned something every day for the next week - Les Mis with my Nana, a tour of local GPs to find a new one, hospital appointments, an appointment at my bank to sort out my mortgage on the house I rent out, a baking session prior to the Clandestine Cake Club book launch.

I might even update here more often - because for the last 3 or 4 months I have hardly had time to think about anything except work, let alone found time to write.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.
Title: As The World Falls Down by David Bowie