Every child must be made to care

Today I was told that I had been "overtly feminist."

I laughed until I was actually sick. In my bin. Because, pregnancy.

I have posted 3 times today via Facebook concerning what could reasonably be termed feminist issues.

But really... what article does not represent a feminist issue?

I can't tell you how many times I have demonstrated how hideous the media is by going through a newspaper or a magazine with a red felt-tipped pen and circling every picture, headline, article or phrase which is sexist.

Whether something is in itself offensive or damaging, or whether it merely (merely - HA! - like it's a trivial thing...) contributes to the bigger issues, it's something I feel very strongly about and I am easily frustrated by people (yes people - not men, not women, people) who find it so easy to dismiss.

For example when I talk about why I support #NoMorePage3 and am told "if you don't like The Sun don't buy it." I'm like... *slow hand clap* Big. Picture. People.

Ignoring an issue does not resolve an issue. Activate common sense.

The issue is not merely with the individual publication (though believe me, FHM should not get off lightly for their absolutely excruciating Sock Victim comments), the point is that every individual publication contributes to the very fabric of our society and whilst one can escape from reading an individual publication, one cannot escape from society.

Until something changes on a fundamental level to re-educate people as to what is and is not acceptable, there will still be a place for feminism. Want the Facebook posts to stop? Fight the good fight, maybe one day they will.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy by David Bowie


Sean Murricane said...

I saw something clever about this on Twitter today - someone pointing out that it's not about making sure there are enough women on panels when Radio shows are talking about feminism.

It's about making sure there are enough women on panels when talking about EVERYTHING.

Lianne Marie Mease said...

I could not agree more! Love you x