I'll ruin everything you are

At the time of writing this, 36,421 people (including myself) have signed an epetition started by Lucy-Anne Holmes to urge Dominic Mohan to retire Page 3 of the Sun.

The one and only time that I have ever read The Sun, I was a teenager studying English Language at A-Level and writing an essay on why one only needs the reading age of a 7 year old to read The Sun. It is not a newspaper that I have ever bought, will ever buy and yet I am cognisant of it all the same.

Why? Because colleagues, friends and family members read it. Because I see it on the news stands or topping Google searches for "real" news. Because every day, people that I follow rant about something they read there on Twitter. Because this is the most popular publication in the UK, with more than 3 million women choosing to read it. Because, in short, I live in the world. A world STILL influenced by the sexual objectification of women. A world full of women who are degraded, sexually harassed and suffering body dysmorphia. A world where the media is the major cause of gender inequality and the premature-sexualisation of children. A world which The Sun has been contributing to for over 40 years. After over 2,000 page 3 models, don't you think enough is enough?

My breasts.

I am 28 years old, 15 weeks pregnant and have recently gone up two back sizes from the 36D breasts that nature saw fit to supply me with. Do I have any insecurities about my breasts? No. I am a well educated, well adjusted woman. I accept and appreciate my body for what it is and I refuse to be judged on my body parts. Whatever size, shape or colour breasts are, they all have the same function. They feed our young, and arouse our sexual partners.

I include this as a preface to the inevitable "she's just another one of those fat, miserable, ugly women complaining about not looking like a Page 3 model" comments that almost every other blogger on this subject has been splattered with. Of course I don't look like a Page 3 model. I have no aspirations to do so either.

Breasts are not news. They do not belong in newspapers.

Actually, do you know what? They should be news. Next month is breast cancer month and it makes me wonder whether we'll ever live in a society which promotes actual breast issues, which offers a responsible, realistic view of breasts. Which makes women feel confident about their bodies. The day that we see The Sun celebrating a beautiful, strong woman post-mastectomy on Page 3, is the day I will see some value in this misogynistic embarrassment to journalism.

Sign the petition, like and share the Facebook page, follow and mention them on Twitter.

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blinkandyoullmiss.com said...

Very well said. Totally agree. I have also signed the petition.

Page 3 has no place in a newspaper - topless women are not news and allowing this is a newspaper for all to see (children, teenagers etc) is supporting the idea that the objectification of women is ok. Kids who see this from a young age will grow up thinking that this is normal and it devalues women.



Lianne Marie Mease said...

I couldn't agree more!
Personally I don't have any issue with pornography as a concept. If people wish to access nudity in private, that is their own business, but Page 3 is too accessible and takes no responsibility for fostering a culture that normalises and glamourises the objectification of women.

snodlander said...

As a man I can confirm that you are neither fat nor ugly. Whilst championing a free press, I think that promoting soft porn, whether on page three or easily seen magazine covers, even on the top shelf, only serves to objectify women. Let us perv to our hearts content in private, but let adults who don't want it and children who should be guarded against it, have the opportunity not to see it.