A woman with a feeling, of losing once or twice

The way women are presented in the media sickens me.
Headless, fetishised body parts with no personality, agenda, opinions. Pure objectification.

And we’re numbed to it. We’re so used to the adverts, the celebrity features, to pornography saturating our culture in posters, magazines, on television, on the internet.

Magazines are filled with articles on how to increase our self esteem, yet filled with adverts for beauty products, surgical procedures and crash diets. On one page a celebrity is bewailed for being painfully thin, and on the next, a circle is drawn around another’s cellulite.

In this age of supposed equality, where women are world leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, Nobel prize winners, journalists, authors – WHY DO WE STILL REDUCE THEM TO THEIR PHYSICALITY? THEIR GENDER? THEIR SEXUALITY?

Why is the size of their breasts, or the length of their legs, relevant? Why is their job title prefaced with their gender or sexuality?

They’re not a woman CEO, they’re a CEO. They’re not a Bisexual CEO, they’re a CEO.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: I've Been Waiting For You by David Bowie