Please don't tear this world asunder

"There they sat, those two happy ones, grown-up and yet children - children in heart, while all around them glowed bright summer - warm glorious summer.
~ Hans Christian Anderson: The Snow Queen

Come out, come out, don't be afraid. I know I've been positively pant-wettingly scary for the past couple of months, but you've got to understand how frustrating life has been for me recently.

Faced with a barrage of never ending questions about the wedding and faced with being crammed, kicking and screaming into "The Bride" mould I have been struggling to maintain my identity. As far as I'm concerned, being labelled "The Bride" deserves me reacting like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

But then Spring came, and with it I thawed. I'm safe in the knowledge that in less than 2 weeks no one will treat me like this again and instead I will be left with the memories of a day full of the happy smiling faces of my beloved friends and family.

A day where I may have to behave like a grown up, but will be dancing through it in ruby slippers and with David Bowie pants under my dress. A day where all other things aside, I will become legally bound to The boy, my boy, whom I love.

And it's the sunshine of his love that is keeping me warm and smiling at the moment - can't you see it reflected in the very weather outside? Sakura blossoms bloom, honeysuckle is crawling up the banks of the river as I zoom along on Tallulahbelle, singing to myself. Only a few more days to Paris. Ah Paris. My spiritual home.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: A Better Future by David Bowie