Heaven's in here

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lee Mee. Then she discovered cake and wasn't quite so little any more, but she was happy nonetheless.

The day she discovered The Yummy Yank (so named for her father and uncle whose nicknames were Yummy and Yank respectively, but believe me she is the ultimate in all that is yummy and Yankie!) at Cornucopia, she was quite simply ECSTATIC and here's why!

Lisa bakes in a way that a humble food blogger such as myself could never dream to. An American that we adopted for our very own 15 years ago, she is passionate about art and baking, something which is evident in her creations which not only taste sublime, but look stunning too.

This peanut butter cheesecake, which is by the way the most incredible thing I have ever tasted in my life - visitors to Cornucopia were amused to see me literally bouncing up and down with excitement (possibly also a sugar high) as I sampled it for the first time - could be an homage to Jackson Pollack.
Also her keylime pie? *falls to the floor and weeps for joy*

I don't think there are words enough to describe just how gorgeous Lisa's cakes, brownies, bars, and cheesecakes are but I'm a woman of many words and I'm damn well going to try.

For my hen party this year, Lisa was kind enough to bake up a storm for me so that I could fill my freezer with her delights. She made pecan pie bars - unctuous caramel gunge, a crisp biscuit base and a toothsome topping of pecan nuts - which are intensely beautiful and I am a fan for life.

Caramelly, nutty, crispy, cakey rich bars filled with hidden treasures. Sinking your teeth into these is a religious experience.

Coconut brownies - sticky chocolate brownies a silky, creamy coconut layer and yet more delicious coconut and chocolate on top. These are so sweet and smell absolutely luscious.

Classic brownies. My goodness, where do I start! Moist and melting in the centre, just dry enough on the top to get the best of both worlds, these are generously portioned and absolutely divine. I've always maintained that Pickles & Potter make the best brownies in Leeds, but they have serious, serious competition now. These are how brownies should be.

Lisa caters for private events or can be found at The Source and Cornucopia in Leeds.
For those who need a regular fix, she tours the markets of Yorkshire with her lovely hubby Ian.

Follow Lisa on blogger, Facebook, Twitter or visit her website.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Heaven's In Here by David Bowie