New Killer Star

Last night I went to The Maven, a cocktail bar which opened in September 2011 on Call Lane in Leeds.

The concept was created by Claudio Antonino who was a bar manager at Harvey Nichols - the mixologists wear quirky 1900s clothes (we were digging the cravats, braces and fitted shirts) and the decor is "pre-prohibition" with vanilla votives burning seductively against the dark, masculine tones of the walls.

It felt like a "grown up" bar and given that there isn't a sign outside and only the very chicest people know of its existence the exclusivity should have had my companions and I on our best behaviour. Sadly I'm a rebel at heart and rather than sip sophisticatedly at my drink and stare moodily out of the window I found myself singing along to the EXCELLENT music (No Bowie though, sort it out!) and having outrageous conversations with my girls.

And the drinks...? Well upon entering, I was poured a glass of ice water and asked what kind of cocktails I liked. Being the open minded sort of person I am, I said that as long as it wasn't gin, I was pretty easy.

So of course he made it his mission to convert me to gin and convert me he did. My cocktail was citrussy light, fluffed up with egg white and served in a curious amalgamation of a teacup and a wine glass which I resolve to use exclusively from this point onwards. If you've read my thoughts on tea, you will understand my love affair with the cup and saucer well enough.

They were far too moreish (danger, danger Will Robinson!) and I have an abosolutely excruciating hangover today.

I can't recommend this place highly enough and will definitely be patronising it again. It even had nice loos and plenty of cheese on offer as a bar snack.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: New Killer Star by David Bowie