My little china girl

Back in December I went to visit my lovely friends at Cornucopia at the Corn Exchange (I wasn't exhibiting this time) and met the lovely Ann of The Tea Experience.

She took some time to explain to me how the flowering tea blooms worked - hand stitched silvertip tea which opens in the hot water to reveal gorgeous flowers, petals waving gently and infusing the tea with delicate flavours.

As a huge lover of authentic tea leaves and broadening my horizons with ever more pretentious and intricate methods of drinking tea I quickly snapped some up and expanded my collection with this gorgeous glass teapot and some little glass tea bowls.

Ann is absolutely lovely, very passionate about tea and she has a wonderful range on her site - everything from teapots and the flowering teas to loose leaf tea and strainers and other equipment. If you like tea or know anyone who does, these would make a rare and gorgeous gift. Or do what I did and just damn well treat yourself! You can follow Ann on Twitter or Facebook too.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: China Girl by David Bowie