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On Wednesday evening, I was poisoned by tzatziki. Not my own I hasten to add, unlike the Wyke Lion I am an accomplished maker of dips. The mezze I ordered there last night was FIZZY. I took a taste of the tzatziki and felt it fizzing in my mouth. I gagged, swallowed the ick and then sat there wondering what the hell was going on. I tasted it again to make sure I wasn't imagining it, made The Boy and our waitress taste it and then pushed it aside. It was indeed fizzy and tasted as if someone had laced it with bicarbonate of soda.

And OH how sick I was yesterday. I won't go into the grim and gory details but I might as well have been a tube. Anything that went in went straight through without bothering with any of the usual formalities such as digestion or bowel control. I might as well have just given in and sat in a puddle of my own effluence.

By the afternoon, weak, wibbly and thoroughly miserable I curled up on the sofa in the foetal position and prepared for an onslaught of Disney - my usual cure for illness.

Disney however wasn't enough and I had to go straight for the hard stuff - Labyrinth.

It's no secret that I love David Bowie - this entire blog is dedicated to him after all - but nothing will ever compare to my love of this film. They started creating it the year I was born (1983) and it was released the year my little brother was born (1986). It was one of the first videos I ever owned and I can distinctly remember the first time I watched it, aged 6 at my friend's house.

David Bowie arriving in a cloud of glitter, following the menacing shadow of his giant wig of gravity defying goblin hair... the sardonic piercing gaze of his heterochromia-esque eyes, his fang like teeth. *wibbles*
I don't know what Jennifer Connolly was on - as a child I would have quite happily abandoned my younger brother (sorry James) and run away with him. Bitch be crazy!

And oh the singing, the dancing, the costume changes, the boots, the SERIOUSLY EYEPOPPING CLINGINESS OF HIS BRITCHES... I loved him then and I love him now.

As I got older and got more and more into films I have often questioned my allegiance to Labyrinth. It's a cult hit - the kind of film that every child of the 80s loved and the nostalgia alone is enough to hold strong. Sure the dialogue might be a little melodramatic, but what 14 year old girl (seriously, that's how old Jennifer was!) didn't talk like that? The music is incredible, the plot is adorable and the incredible magic that the Henson muppet workshop weaved makes the effects stand up today - even against more sophisticated CGI.
For me, in the same way I love the crackling hiss of a record over a CD, I love the effects of Labyrinth.
If you ever watch the making of it and realise the robotics that goes into one expression of Hoggle's Face or the incredible skill of the puppet operators you appreciate that this 22 year old film was head and shoulders among its peers.

I love the intricacies of the design - how elements of Sarah's bedroom helped to create the magical world she found herself in - Escher's Relativity, a Fire Gang puppet, the Labyrinth play, the music box... at a very young age I learned to look for these kind of connections and references to other films or songs or artists.

Even voices began to be stored in my memory bank - before I started school I could have told you the name of most of the Disney voice-actors and given you a cross reference of their other films. When I first saw Red Dwarf aged 6, I recognised Danny John Jules immediately as two voices from the Fire Gang. I get jokingly called IMDBinks because of my total recall when it comes to cultural references.

Clinging to the relics of my childhood loves is something I hope to always do. This week my wedding shoes arrived - high heeled Mary Jane versions of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. Who says we have to grow up?

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Dance Magic by David Bowie

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I found Labrinth on a VHS at a family friend's house; their kids were super weird, so when my parents would bring The Terror & I over to play, I'd be like, "Can I watch a movie? kthx." On sheer luck, I came across a recorded copy of Labrinth & proceeded to swoon. And then watch it every single time we went over until my parents finally made a copy for themselves.
In summation? DANCE MAGIC DANCE.

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