Goodbye Mr Ed

I recently read the fabulous How To Leave Twitter by the equally fabulous @GraceDent, having long accepted that I am myself hopelessy addicted to Social Media. Much like House accepts his addiction and goes on to Do Great Things, I brought my expertise into my marketing role and now do Social Media as a job.

So basically there's no way I could consider leaving Twitter or Facebook - it's entirely necessary for me to keep abreast of best practise, successful approaches and of course monitor our feeds, update them and grow them as befits a company of our immense reputation.

My personal accounts are mostly utilised for promoting Everything Goes With Toast - the food blog that I write which I hope will one day become an additional source of income for me and the family I hope to have some day. But I also tweet random crap, play hashtag games and stalk celebradoodles. I am online ALL the time.

So when one of my most favourite Twitter Fwiends announced that he was leaving Twitter I absolutely understood his reasons. I even admired them because social media can absolutely take over your life.

But I miss him. I miss his humour, his presence, his part in a little community of shared Twitter fwiends and it really isn't the same without him.

It made me think about the fwiends that I have on Twitter - people whose real names I may not know, people I have not met "in real life" but people who make me laugh every day, share an insight into how brilliant they are with just 140 characters, people who mostly live in my city, people who like the same things as I do and go to the same places that I do. People that I spend more time speaking to than my own mother and people who probably know more about my life than my mother does!

So I just wanted to say thanks because you're all amazing. One day we shall have to have a gathering of Tweople and share cake and wine and things.


Special thanks to people who have recently made me smiley in the facial region via the miracle of Twitter:
@BroomOwl - The Boy knows him as my Twitter Lover.
the fabulous @bluelightsphoto, @FutileRage, @realSteveBrown, @laurenredhead, @jotini, @CaptainGrammar, @WandaPops, @labrow, @twistedlilkitty@comedinewitrach and @liannejhare.

and last but not least because she is the best thing that the t'internet ever brought into my life - the one the only @laurajanepower.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Goodbye Mr Ed by David Bowie


@Wandapops said...

Yay! Right back ya lady. Couldn't agree more! Let's tweet up soon! x

iangoodin said...

Wow, even more kind words, thank you dear... x