You want it all

I was recently discussing my phone with a friend and it got me thinking about what our phones, and how we use them say about us. With me - that I have an infinite capacity for greatness, can do anything I set my mind to but am generally too busy to indulge myself. *laughs*

I have a HTC Windows 7 phone and I absolutely love it. It's big enough so that I don't lose it in my capacious handbag, it fits nicely in my hand and has a big enough screen to view films and browse the internet. It also has lots of features - most of which I never use so I decided to do a little audit of my phone and see what apps and features that I have selected so far.

It has a good camera, photo editing capabilities and a video camera. I can send pictures via text, email or upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, Skydrive, photobucket or blogger...

It sychs directly to Outlook but I don't use Outlook as my email client (if I had my phone hooked up to my work email I would NEVER stop working) - I use hotmail so my phone tells me when I have new mail in the same way that it does when I have new texts or voicemails. I also have msn (which I never use). It also has full calendar capability which synchs up to my Facebook events.

I have a great music player with a seemingly endless capacity, a radio 1 app and I also have YouTube.

I have Wikipedia and Google applications - as well as the usual language translations and a million and one things like a compass, spirit level, calculator, a document scanner, pdf editor...

I have Facebook and Twitter applications - both of which are fantastic but the entire phone is synchronised so that my address book shows Facebook and MSN profile information as well as phone numbers and email addresses. I can post a message to someone's Facebook wall from their address book profile.

Then there are the games - my phone is synchronised to my Xbox profile and I have tons of wicked arcade games like Pacman and Tetris. Oh and The Sims...

Then there's the HTC hub which tells me the weather wherever I am (or elsewhere around the world). I never use this either.

Then there's the Amazon Kindle application. I have never used it because I LOVE books. I could never ever fully convert to an electronic device. I like the weight of a book in my handbag. I like the swish of the page, the smell of the paper. I love books.
I have the Kindle app however because if I can ever afford to go abroad again, I want to exchange the 10-12 books I take with me for a week's holiday and replace the extra luggage allowance with shoes. Mmmm shoes.

So what phone do you have and what applications do you use?

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Rebel Rebel by David Bowie


Rhonasaurus said...

HTC Wildfire Android phone - I use... quite a lot of apps :/various camera apps, angry birds game, tweetcaster, facebook, fbreader for reading books, posterous, something to monitor my net use, goodreads, lastfm, msn, skype, 4sq, Youtube, exercise thingy, calorie thingy, apps that monitor my apps and even a heart rate monitor for some reason!

PinkBow said...

i have the iphone, i do have the kindle app but have yet to really use it!