When the rain slows

Today it is Sunday, the day of rest according to those religious types. Loath as I am to agree with grown adults who worship a zombie who I suspect Penn and Teller were descended from... Sunday is a good day for rest.

I clean almost continually - in the morning before work, in the evening after work I always find something to dust, tidy, organise or clean but on Saturday mornings I get up and clean the kitchen and bathroom, dust the living room, The Boy's office and our bedroom, vac up, mop the kitchen floor and then settle down in front of Saturday Kitchen to have some me-time before everyone else wakes up. Sunday mornings are to enjoy the clean and tidy house, not perpetuate it.

I woke today to find that it had been raining solidly all night, washing the world clean. The Boy had closed our bedroom window in the night (if it were up to me I would have the windows open all the time, I cannot understand people who live in houses that smell stale.) so my first task was to open it and breathe in the divine rain smell, then cuddle back into our bed and continue reading The Children's Book which is thus far magnificent. After a few minutes the silence became oppressive and lost its golden tarnish so I put on some pyjamas and retured to the living room, compliled a playlist of indie tunes to play softly whilst I sipped Teapigs chilli chai and read my book.

I did a few yoga stretches, ate a slice of toast and realised that today was the first day since my recent bout of Acute Gastroenteritis that I had not only eaten breakfast willingly, but had done so naturally without forcing something down through a vicious bout of nausea and then suffered for it for the next few hours.

I am healed! I remember sending a giddy text to my darlingest friend Laura on 21st April to make her laugh. It said "Mummy! Mummy! I did a poo! A proper poo! I'M HEALED!!!" only to discover that the liquid evil would continue to plague me unless I restricted my food intake to the evening when I got home from work and fasted all day.

But now it seems I can eat like a normal person again and I have slowly regained the weight that dropped off me recently. Yesterday I cooked a pea, mint and halloumi risotto (adding pancetta for the non-vegetarians) and managed almost a whole portion. I'm so proud!

After dinner we sat down to watch Graveyard Junction which was thoroughly magnificent. I have such respect for Ricky Gervais as a writer, he's superb and never disappoints. Definitely one to watch - fabulous soundtrack too. The film was partially interrupted by the roof caving in on the fourth floor and falling down the stairs outside The New Zealanders' room. I am going to FUCK UP the Group Repair People. Not only have they painted the exterior of the house in such a slapdash fashion that speckles of paint have covered the new windows, window frames, doors... everything... but when they put in the new sloping roof below our window they hammered plugs through to the ceiling in my freshly plastered living room. Oh and then the inside of the roof that's fallen down now? That started happening when they repaired the exterior of the roof and put in a new velux window. Gutted.

Today The Boy and The New Zealanders are going to Elbow Rooms to play pool and watch the football whilst I rejoice in a day to myself to play music, sniff at the shoots of the herb cuttings that my fabulous neighbours brought back from their allottment for me, and cook 2 roast chickens, some dauphinoise potatoes and broccoli for my little Host family. I may even cook some sugar snap peas. Mmmm peas.

I have compiled a playlist of Indie tracks (I agree that true indie music is rare these days, given the commercial success of the genre but I don't know what else to call it, sorry!) to dance around in my pants to. Old and new tracks alike and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Babybird, Ben Folds Five, Beth Orton, Bloc Party, Boo Radleys, Bowling For Soup, Bright Eyes, The Cribs, Divine Comedy, Echobelly, Elastica, Electric Soft Parade, The Farm, Feeder, Finley Quaye, Franz Ferdinand, Futureheads, Gossip, Hives, Jose Gonzales, The Kills, The Killers, Kula Shaker, Leftfield, The Libertines, Lightning Seeds, Maximo Park, Moloko, Mumm-ra, Nouvelle Vague, Peter Bjorn and John, Pidgeon Detectives, Pixies, Primal Scream, The Raconteurs, Reef, Republica, Sebadoh, Sleeper, Soulwax, Space, The Stone Roses, Suede, Super Furry Animals, Toploader, The Wannadies and Wolfman.

How ecclectic do I get, really?

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Slow Burn by David Bowie


Nadia said...

Now you take it easy, you're starting to heal not completely healed *hugs* I'm making roast chicken too! :D

Etoile Filante said...

I'm making two because Jeff wants chicken sandwiches for lunch next week and Darren wants chicken soup. I don't even know what I'm making for me yet!!!