Not sure if you're a boy or a girl

So today I was playing with Klout to see what kind of analyis potention it had by comparing my personal twitter feed activity to the twitter feeds I operate for QA - the fabulous company that I work for. Imagine my amusement when I clocked the topics that Klout deems me to be influential about: politics, jesus, gay lesbian and bisexual, office, Starbucks.

Number 1) I hate Starbucks with a fiery passion. Starbucks and other "homogenise the world" chains like this are EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD. I would boycott them exclusively but I do have friends with caffeine addictions who suggest that I meet them there so I can't claim a total ban. Usually I can dissuade them in favour of somewhere nicer (or that serves cocktails or nice cake) but whilst I'm stubborn and principled I'm also good-natured and would do anything to make a friend happy so I will give in on occasion.
I don't like coffee and I'm not addicted to caffeine thanks to my cardiovascular issues (and the fact that I naturally have enough energy to power a small country) so I can't comment on the quality off the product (and don't try to convert me, I'd rather have a lavender tea in Pickles & Potter any day!)  and don't care if you think that chai tea should be insanely sugary and milky instead of spicy flavoursome glory. It's not for me.

But I am aparently influential when it comes to Starbucks so I will use my power wildly - GET SOME IMAGINATION AND SUPPORT A LOCAL BUSINESS! *laughs*

Number 2) I don't Do religion. Nuff said.

Number 3) Equally I was surprised to find that I am a gay, lesbian and bisexual spokesperson of some sort. Whilst I am gay-friendly (in fact I loathe homophobia) and have always open to experimentation I am in a relationship with The Boy and therefore straight when it comes to ticking that box.
So to speak. Am I flagged as a G/L/B because I frequently Tweet statements such as "as a straight vegetarian I would happily dip Zooey Deschanel in gravy and lick it off"?

Meh, I totally would.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Rebel Rebel by David Bowie