Like a blind man

I recently had my eyes tested and ordered some new glasses from, a website that a few money-savvy friends hooked me up to. For £59 plus postage and packaging I purchased these:

The look I was going for was girl geek chic, but to be honest I have a small, heart shaped face and I think that the second pair of glasses may be a little too big to suit my face.

Or is it just because my old frames were quite small and therefore I'm just not used to these yet?

These are my old frames.

I was trying to explain to the optician that I only ever wore my glasses when I needed to be able to see things clearly - such as at the cinema, whilst watching a film at home or if I need to read a road sign or look into the distance. The rest of the time I walk around looking at a fuzzy-around-the-edges world.

She couldn't understand that, and when I discovered just how bad my vision is getting I could see why. When I wear my glasses I am amazed at just how much I'm missing without them. The world looks like a completely different place and I'm completely disorientated walking around the familiar streets of Leeds and actually seeing them in detail. I'm used to people have vague, featureless blobs instead of faces that I can see every detail of. I'm used to identifying a shop by the branding on the frontage (or by knowing where it is, because of course if there's one thing I know it's where everything of note is in Leeds!), not because I can actually read the sign.

I don't know if I like it. It's completely bizzare seeing the world for the way it actually is. Does this mean I'm growing up?

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Under Pressure by David Bowie


Pete said...

First ones do look too big, and the frames too chunky and dark for your colouring. They look a bit like they should have pictures of eyes stuck to the lenses too.

Second ones on the other hand are much more "rrrroawwwrrrrr." You also look startlingly like Victoria Coren on that picture.

Nadia said...

Black pair don't look right to me, soz x

Albert Riehle said...

As a certified pervert and sex-fiend I can tell you for certain that you look decidedly more hot/bangable/sexy/how-YOU-doinish in the NEW frames! I think you nailed geek chic. The problem was that your old pair was too small and hid your gorgeous eyes and these new ones will just take some getting used to is all.

I love how the new ones don't hide your eyes. I think they suit you perfectly and frankly, I think the offers to do bukkake/glasses porn should start rolling in promptly.

Finally, I see that some responders don't agree with my assessment so you'll be interested to know that they are wrong and I am right!

Etoile Filante said...

You know I always take your advice Al! XxxxX

PinkBow said...

sometimes i think it is just getting used to something different. they're both look good!