You want it all

I was recently discussing my phone with a friend and it got me thinking about what our phones, and how we use them say about us. With me - that I have an infinite capacity for greatness, can do anything I set my mind to but am generally too busy to indulge myself. *laughs*

I have a HTC Windows 7 phone and I absolutely love it. It's big enough so that I don't lose it in my capacious handbag, it fits nicely in my hand and has a big enough screen to view films and browse the internet. It also has lots of features - most of which I never use so I decided to do a little audit of my phone and see what apps and features that I have selected so far.

It has a good camera, photo editing capabilities and a video camera. I can send pictures via text, email or upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, Skydrive, photobucket or blogger...

It sychs directly to Outlook but I don't use Outlook as my email client (if I had my phone hooked up to my work email I would NEVER stop working) - I use hotmail so my phone tells me when I have new mail in the same way that it does when I have new texts or voicemails. I also have msn (which I never use). It also has full calendar capability which synchs up to my Facebook events.

I have a great music player with a seemingly endless capacity, a radio 1 app and I also have YouTube.

I have Wikipedia and Google applications - as well as the usual language translations and a million and one things like a compass, spirit level, calculator, a document scanner, pdf editor...

I have Facebook and Twitter applications - both of which are fantastic but the entire phone is synchronised so that my address book shows Facebook and MSN profile information as well as phone numbers and email addresses. I can post a message to someone's Facebook wall from their address book profile.

Then there are the games - my phone is synchronised to my Xbox profile and I have tons of wicked arcade games like Pacman and Tetris. Oh and The Sims...

Then there's the HTC hub which tells me the weather wherever I am (or elsewhere around the world). I never use this either.

Then there's the Amazon Kindle application. I have never used it because I LOVE books. I could never ever fully convert to an electronic device. I like the weight of a book in my handbag. I like the swish of the page, the smell of the paper. I love books.
I have the Kindle app however because if I can ever afford to go abroad again, I want to exchange the 10-12 books I take with me for a week's holiday and replace the extra luggage allowance with shoes. Mmmm shoes.

So what phone do you have and what applications do you use?

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Title: Rebel Rebel by David Bowie

Red sails take me

Today I have mostly been seeing red in my house.
Red gerberas, my favourite flower.

A red flower holding my hair back

My living room

My living room candles

Even my supper is filled with red! Red gingham packaging, wensleydale with cranberry, strawberries, cherries, scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

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Title: Red Sails by David Bowie

Not sure if you're a boy or a girl

So today I was playing with Klout to see what kind of analyis potention it had by comparing my personal twitter feed activity to the twitter feeds I operate for QA - the fabulous company that I work for. Imagine my amusement when I clocked the topics that Klout deems me to be influential about: politics, jesus, gay lesbian and bisexual, office, Starbucks.

Number 1) I hate Starbucks with a fiery passion. Starbucks and other "homogenise the world" chains like this are EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD. I would boycott them exclusively but I do have friends with caffeine addictions who suggest that I meet them there so I can't claim a total ban. Usually I can dissuade them in favour of somewhere nicer (or that serves cocktails or nice cake) but whilst I'm stubborn and principled I'm also good-natured and would do anything to make a friend happy so I will give in on occasion.
I don't like coffee and I'm not addicted to caffeine thanks to my cardiovascular issues (and the fact that I naturally have enough energy to power a small country) so I can't comment on the quality off the product (and don't try to convert me, I'd rather have a lavender tea in Pickles & Potter any day!)  and don't care if you think that chai tea should be insanely sugary and milky instead of spicy flavoursome glory. It's not for me.

But I am aparently influential when it comes to Starbucks so I will use my power wildly - GET SOME IMAGINATION AND SUPPORT A LOCAL BUSINESS! *laughs*

Number 2) I don't Do religion. Nuff said.

Number 3) Equally I was surprised to find that I am a gay, lesbian and bisexual spokesperson of some sort. Whilst I am gay-friendly (in fact I loathe homophobia) and have always open to experimentation I am in a relationship with The Boy and therefore straight when it comes to ticking that box.
So to speak. Am I flagged as a G/L/B because I frequently Tweet statements such as "as a straight vegetarian I would happily dip Zooey Deschanel in gravy and lick it off"?

Meh, I totally would.

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Title: Rebel Rebel by David Bowie

Could eat you with a fork and spoon

Today I have mostly been meditating on the deliciousness-quotient of my breakfast:

in comparison to the deliciousness-quotient of Colin Firth:

There is frankly no comparison. Colin Firth gets my juices flowing. He is jucier even than a cup of Teapigs Superfruit. Mmmmm. Colin Firth. For those who share my passion please note that The King's Speech is £9.99 in HMV for this week only, and if you buy it you get his Biography for £5. I am personally more of a fan of Autobiographies but for now... Colin Firth in a uniform, Colin Firth in a uniform, Colin Firth in a uniform, Colin Firth in a uniform, Colin Firth in a uniform, Colin Firth in a uniform, Colin Firth in a uniform, Colin Firth in a uniform, Colin Firth in a uniform, Colin Firth in a uniform, Colin Firth in a uniform. *eyes glaze over*

This is the most sense you'll get out of me today. I used to rest of it to express my disgust at Jemima Khan being abused on Twitter (Jeremy Clarkson isn't on Twitter sadly, but I doubt he cares - rhino hide that he has!) and I should probably save some of it for work too.

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Title: Watch That Man by David Bowie

When the rain slows

Today it is Sunday, the day of rest according to those religious types. Loath as I am to agree with grown adults who worship a zombie who I suspect Penn and Teller were descended from... Sunday is a good day for rest.

I clean almost continually - in the morning before work, in the evening after work I always find something to dust, tidy, organise or clean but on Saturday mornings I get up and clean the kitchen and bathroom, dust the living room, The Boy's office and our bedroom, vac up, mop the kitchen floor and then settle down in front of Saturday Kitchen to have some me-time before everyone else wakes up. Sunday mornings are to enjoy the clean and tidy house, not perpetuate it.

I woke today to find that it had been raining solidly all night, washing the world clean. The Boy had closed our bedroom window in the night (if it were up to me I would have the windows open all the time, I cannot understand people who live in houses that smell stale.) so my first task was to open it and breathe in the divine rain smell, then cuddle back into our bed and continue reading The Children's Book which is thus far magnificent. After a few minutes the silence became oppressive and lost its golden tarnish so I put on some pyjamas and retured to the living room, compliled a playlist of indie tunes to play softly whilst I sipped Teapigs chilli chai and read my book.

I did a few yoga stretches, ate a slice of toast and realised that today was the first day since my recent bout of Acute Gastroenteritis that I had not only eaten breakfast willingly, but had done so naturally without forcing something down through a vicious bout of nausea and then suffered for it for the next few hours.

I am healed! I remember sending a giddy text to my darlingest friend Laura on 21st April to make her laugh. It said "Mummy! Mummy! I did a poo! A proper poo! I'M HEALED!!!" only to discover that the liquid evil would continue to plague me unless I restricted my food intake to the evening when I got home from work and fasted all day.

But now it seems I can eat like a normal person again and I have slowly regained the weight that dropped off me recently. Yesterday I cooked a pea, mint and halloumi risotto (adding pancetta for the non-vegetarians) and managed almost a whole portion. I'm so proud!

After dinner we sat down to watch Graveyard Junction which was thoroughly magnificent. I have such respect for Ricky Gervais as a writer, he's superb and never disappoints. Definitely one to watch - fabulous soundtrack too. The film was partially interrupted by the roof caving in on the fourth floor and falling down the stairs outside The New Zealanders' room. I am going to FUCK UP the Group Repair People. Not only have they painted the exterior of the house in such a slapdash fashion that speckles of paint have covered the new windows, window frames, doors... everything... but when they put in the new sloping roof below our window they hammered plugs through to the ceiling in my freshly plastered living room. Oh and then the inside of the roof that's fallen down now? That started happening when they repaired the exterior of the roof and put in a new velux window. Gutted.

Today The Boy and The New Zealanders are going to Elbow Rooms to play pool and watch the football whilst I rejoice in a day to myself to play music, sniff at the shoots of the herb cuttings that my fabulous neighbours brought back from their allottment for me, and cook 2 roast chickens, some dauphinoise potatoes and broccoli for my little Host family. I may even cook some sugar snap peas. Mmmm peas.

I have compiled a playlist of Indie tracks (I agree that true indie music is rare these days, given the commercial success of the genre but I don't know what else to call it, sorry!) to dance around in my pants to. Old and new tracks alike and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Babybird, Ben Folds Five, Beth Orton, Bloc Party, Boo Radleys, Bowling For Soup, Bright Eyes, The Cribs, Divine Comedy, Echobelly, Elastica, Electric Soft Parade, The Farm, Feeder, Finley Quaye, Franz Ferdinand, Futureheads, Gossip, Hives, Jose Gonzales, The Kills, The Killers, Kula Shaker, Leftfield, The Libertines, Lightning Seeds, Maximo Park, Moloko, Mumm-ra, Nouvelle Vague, Peter Bjorn and John, Pidgeon Detectives, Pixies, Primal Scream, The Raconteurs, Reef, Republica, Sebadoh, Sleeper, Soulwax, Space, The Stone Roses, Suede, Super Furry Animals, Toploader, The Wannadies and Wolfman.

How ecclectic do I get, really?

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Title: Slow Burn by David Bowie

Like a blind man

I recently had my eyes tested and ordered some new glasses from, a website that a few money-savvy friends hooked me up to. For £59 plus postage and packaging I purchased these:

The look I was going for was girl geek chic, but to be honest I have a small, heart shaped face and I think that the second pair of glasses may be a little too big to suit my face.

Or is it just because my old frames were quite small and therefore I'm just not used to these yet?

These are my old frames.

I was trying to explain to the optician that I only ever wore my glasses when I needed to be able to see things clearly - such as at the cinema, whilst watching a film at home or if I need to read a road sign or look into the distance. The rest of the time I walk around looking at a fuzzy-around-the-edges world.

She couldn't understand that, and when I discovered just how bad my vision is getting I could see why. When I wear my glasses I am amazed at just how much I'm missing without them. The world looks like a completely different place and I'm completely disorientated walking around the familiar streets of Leeds and actually seeing them in detail. I'm used to people have vague, featureless blobs instead of faces that I can see every detail of. I'm used to identifying a shop by the branding on the frontage (or by knowing where it is, because of course if there's one thing I know it's where everything of note is in Leeds!), not because I can actually read the sign.

I don't know if I like it. It's completely bizzare seeing the world for the way it actually is. Does this mean I'm growing up?

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Title: Under Pressure by David Bowie