There is a happy land

OK I have OFFICIALLY made the transition from "meh" to "OH MY GOD I'M, LIKE, TOTALLY HIGH ON EUPHORIA MAAAAN!!!"
And it's mostly as a result of Royal Mail. Oh yes. Really.
Things which have arrived for me this week.
1) A duck-down stuffed cushion made by the fair hands of my exceptionally talented colleague Amanda. I don't call her Queen of Design for nuffin. THANK YOU!
2) 3 lavender bags that smell of GLORY from my darling friend Nadia
3) The New Vacuum Cleaner (which to be fair, I ordered and paid for but it arrived A DAY EARLY!
4) A letter from Ipsos who think I'm still One Of Europe's Most Senior And Influential Business Executives (despite me not working as Head of Marketing any more, and to be fair I didn't think I was all THAT influential and deserving of this moniker. But whatever!) which enclosed an actual £5 note. For me. Haha!
I didn't think that today could get any better and then The Boy announced he was coming home early, and stopping by my office for a quick snog and to take The New Vacuum Cleaner home for me. The Curtains are up in the living room so the living room is nearly complete.
The Tenants by the way are absolutely lovely and not at all psychotic, messy slobby people (though not from Australia, New Zealand.) My sandwich (hummus, feta and tomato on La Brea olive loaf) is the best sandwich I have ever tasted, the sun is shining, my Teapigs tastes even better than usual (surely not possible, it is fo shizz the best tea ever made) and I AM GOING TO ANNOY EVERYONE IF I KEEP SQUEEING LIKE THIS!!!
But I don't care.
Because now that I'm not stressed I have taken a one-way-trip to happy and I'm bloody staying there.
*flings glitter at you and skips away singing*

!!! super sweet edit !!!

OK - so you know I said that this day couldn't get any better?
Well our receptionist had a last minute meeting so I was just covering reception for an hour and covertly eating biscuits (which is not allowed on reception. It's unprofessional) when a delivery driver tipped up.

"I have a delivery for you" he said somewhat pointlessly.
"Ooooh is it cake?" I quipped.
"bet you weren't expecting THAT were you?" he said, and then he offloaded his delivery of toilet rolls and left me wishing that I could indeed eat this easter egg but it's made primarily of soya, like all chocolate these days.


and then... then I had an email from The Email Provider Who Have Caused Me So Much Stress For The Last Month inviting me to fill in a survey about my experience with them and win £200 of vouchers for something swanky. Well... click click boom. YOU WANTED TO KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING?

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: There Is A Happy Land by David Bowie


temmahkrik said...

SQUEE AWAY! I love the happy. I need more people in my life to be happy so it will infect me. *sucks face with you to absorb the happy*


Alex said...

*does dance of joy*

Spalderdash said...

YOU ARE SUCH A HAPPY FACE TODAY! I love it! xxxxxxxxxxx

Etoile Filante said...

I am truly, disgustingly happy and I FUCKING LOVE IT!

Nadia said...

Royal Mail has redeemed itself ... for now! :D So glad you like them :) xx

Leftwingchica said...

Yay for good things. Rolo is like my most favorite chocolate ever so I'm so jealous you got a giant egg of it even if you can't eat it.

Love that pillow :D