Sick and tired

The repulsive rash that I had all over my face on Friday had mostly cleared up by Saturday, except for a little redness but annoyingly I then spent the entire of Sunday vomiting like crazy.
Literally every single time I moved so much as my head from the pillow I was swimming with nausea and had to run to the bathroom to vomit. I was trying to keep hydrated but every time I took a sip of water it made me sick so by Sunday evening my lips were dry and my skin was grey. I've looked and felt better but glad I managed to drag myself into the office because I now have 12 email campaigns on the go and a number of other projects so it would have been awful to get behind.
Plus what am I going to do at home? Lie there feeling sorry for myself? No THANK YOU!
What with The Pneumonia and then getting Gastroenteritis recently I've had more than enough time away from my beloved job. Short of one of my legs falling off (which could happen to be fair, it's warm enough to have my FitFlops back on so my muscles are feeling it!) I aint having another day off.
This weekend I got The Boy on Friday and Saturday and we had a lovely time curled up on a ferocious pink blanket and some pillows in the sunshine reading. (Cisco revision for him, poetry for me)
We also had lots of friends round for an impromptu Saturday afternoon session of food, drink and Lips on the X-Box.

I stole some of these pictures from Facebook (you will notice the difference between my mobile phone camera and the awesomeness that is my friends cameras!) to make this blog post a little cheerier.
Before all of the fun and games started we found time to drop by the Mother & Baby Show at The Corn Exchange to say hi to my exceptionally talented photographer friend Adele (read her blog Blue Lights Photography here) who was kind enough to give me a balloon and The Boy and our guests some lollipops. Who says we have to be grown ups?!

And of course I had to pay homage to The Bowie with a spirited yet tuneless rendition of Let's Dance on Lips.

And there were plenty of "L for Lianne" moments too. Do you like the bunny ears? A gift from one of my esteemed guests Chelle who is also a blogger I'd recommend reading.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Don't Let Me Down & Down by David Bowie


slimmingjess91 said...

Love the photo of Darren & his lolly :D

Etoile Filante said...

Thank you darling! He is too, too cute. I miss him horribly at the moment, wish he was home.