Relax, unbelievable

So this weekend is our last together alone before The Australians arrive next week.
Friday night was spent in rhapsodies over the tempura avocado, pomegranate cosmopolitans and coconut and mango ice cream at Little Tokyo with Rach, one of my oldest friends.
After dinner we came back to road test The New Living Room by curling up on the sofa under a blanket with Made In Dagenham which was excellent.

The Boy arrived home at midnight to me heroically waiting up so that I could greet him with a kiss and a cuddle and receive my traditional forehead kiss. Thank you to Norwegian Wood for keeping me enthralled enough to remain awake. I do so love Haruki Murakami.

On Saturday morning I was informed that his car would not return to us until Tuesday (and he's, predictably away AGAIN next week!) so I showered and dragged him on a bus to IKEA so that I could procure curtains, towels and tealights.

On the way we stopped at Patisserie Valerie for our traditional breakfast - Eggs Florentine for me, Eggs Benedict for him and a tisane of loose leaf tea each.

They have new saucers which are all upside down and weird.

When we got to Patisserie Valerie he buggared off somewhere, only to return with a mysterious gift for me (Rach this is what he said he was trying to find yesterday!) - Ten Poems about Tea with an intro by Sophie Dahl whom I utterly love.

If you don't know why this is such a great gift for me then I suggest you backtrack to this previous blog post of mine!

IKEA disappointed me vastly. I wanted some red voile curtains to soften the window and a nice cream rollerblind. It took about 18 attempts for me to explain to The Boy that the blind was there to block out light in the event of screen glare (we don't need them for privacy, our living room is a flight of stairs up from the street) and it didn't matter that the curtains were completely transparent - they were there to soften the window not be functional.

It was a moot point, they didn't have the right red voile, the black voile just looked cheap and nasty and the only red curtains they had in the right shade were velvet with a rouched top meant for curtain hooks when I wanted eyelets or tab tops. I briefly considered some cream curtains but changed my mind. A burgeoning strop was surpressed on my part and neutralised by the purchase of many, many candles. Because let's face it one can never have too many candles. We happened upon Next before catching the bus home and amazingly I found some red tab top curtains which were the right shade. £65 later (OUCH!) we were headed for home.

The Boy went straight up to his office to work *rolls eyes* and I decided that after doing laundry, cleaning, unpacking candles and groceries I would treat myself to some relaxation.

I made some poicamole (recipe can be found on My Other Blog) which I smothered on La Brea honey and wheat baguette, smothered strawberry jam on a scone and poured myself some Earl Gay Teapigs and curled up with Left Bank (I must have read this 50 times but I still love it!) and Morcheeba playing softly in the background.

In a few moments I'm going to get up and make The Boy a fabulous meal - lamb rolled in a minted breadcrumb coating, honey roast parsnips, green beans wrapped in bacon and some mustard mash. Then I'm going to curl up in front of Dexter with a pot of Lush face mud.
For now I'm enjoying the light turning the tree outside our window the colour of flame, and shining through the blood red poppies that I treated myself to.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: The Bewlay Brothers by David Bowie


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