I've got moon, I've got sun, LIGHTNING LIGHTNING!

"Though we pass our time along these stones may not percieve the marks we make today they will endure; our ways are scoring lines into the song of us and will not fade away"
These words have been etched into the paving stones between Debenhams and Zara on Briggate, in the shadow of the hawthorne trees with their white flowers and I pass them every morning, wondering who wrote them.

Leeds is full of beautiful secrets like this. At lunchtime I was basking in the sun on our balcony at work with The Marsh and Rocky, two of our fabulous QA trainers and discovered that Leeds has an open-toppped bus tour! I never knew. Mental!

My lunch hour was lovely. First I had a brief but satisfying gossip on the phone with Delly, my glorious tog friend (HIRE HER HIRE HER! Her company is Blue Lights Photography and she's AMAZING!), then I went to Waterstones with the intention of buying a Rilke and Maya Angelou book because after The Big Book Clearout I realised that I seem to be missing my poetry collection.

I left Waterstones £40 lighter (oh fuck, what is wrong with me!?) and the owner of Rilke - on love and other difficulties, Maya Angelou - and still I rise, Baudelaire - the flowers of evil and Paris spleen, Patti Smith - early work and Michel Faber's The Crimson Petal and the White, a book which I got out from the library about 5 years ago and LOVED, then watched the first part of the recent BBC adaptation last night which is FABULOUS. I'm actually really glad that Andrew Davies didn't do it, as much as I love his adaptations (hello! Pride & Prejudice! *growls* and Tipping The Velvet to name but two) he simply could not have done something this rippling with darkness justice.

So an orgy of literary which I plan to indulge in this weekend. I took my Maya Angelou and a Fentiman's Rose Lemonade to our balcony and tried to soak up some sun on my face.

Oh, didn't I mention? I woke up this morning, took a shower and then looked in the mirror to see that my right eye was covered in angry red blotches. I rinsed my face in cold water and then applied my Gorgeous (thank you Lush!) as usual and noticed a few moments later that it was all around both eyes and cheeks and my forehead and spreading rapidly.

It's not the moisturiser - I've used it for years, I haven't done anything else different like changed washing powders or eaten something new. I have no idea what it is but we're going to a wedding tonight and if my face still looks like this then I'm not bloody going!

OK so I probably will because I'm not that vain but I'll still flounce about it!

I didn't dare apply mascara or eyeliner because whilst it's not sore, it is angry looking. I left the house and scared our builders who stared at me in open mouthed horror. Thanks guys, really, thanks.

This is what it looked like this morning as it had started to spread. I know the light is behind me (Delly, you'd think I'd have learned not to do this with a friend like you!) so it's a crap picture but you should be able to see the lobster leprosy. Sorry that I'm sans maquillage... I know it's hard to look at... *laughs*

Oh I hope it goes away!
Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr

Title: Lightning Frightening by David Bowie


Leftwingchica said...

I've had angry skin days. Heck I've had angry skin years. Hope it cleared up for you. As to spending on books, I'm awful. I cannot go into a store with books, art supplies or blankets or I walk out with an empty wallet.

Today I heard of a comic book store sale that I thought was just selling posters and when I went to the website they were selling comic books. 5 minutes later I had order 19 new comic books and was out $45.

I'm awful when I'm around things I like so I have to avoid them like the plague when I'm having financial drama.

Poetrix said...

Books, especially gorgeous poetry is an addiction for me too. So is stationery. I'm so much better when I'm poor and really ahve to pay the rent before I feed my addictions... but I miss those soothments of retail therapy.

ditzy said...

books, stationary and shoooooes are what makes me poor. i hope your face calms down soon sweetie xx