Good morning to you and to you and to you (but not you),

Yesterday I commenced my usual love/hate relationshop with Stylist by tweeting about all the beautiful things that I cannot afford within its awesome pages.

And then, THEN I noticed an advert for Emerald Street which is a new e-newsletter. If I signed up I was offered the chance to win £1000 of Jimmy Choo shoes (Just 1 1/2 pairs then!?!) which given that I haven't chosen shoes for The Brother's Wedding yet would come in very handy.

So I signed myself up and then today received my first email.

Reader, I married it. (Thank you Jane Eyre) Tailored just for me to all the fabulous events happening in Leeds this bank holiday weekend (oh haiiii cupcakes, cocktails, tea dance and Mad Hatter's tea party!) it was without a doubt the best email I received today.

So I memailed the lovely people at Emerald Street to tell them so and (noting their geographical location) offered my services as a bona fide Leeds lass willing to recommend fabulous places to promote. Those of my lovely friends who run or market companies in this fair city, I am your new best friend. Bring me a cupcake.

And speaking of shoes for weddings. I am now convinced that I have to go Kurt Geiger (DAMN YOU STYLIST!) because they have the right, bright suede heels (and options for black and white should I shy away from colour at the last minute) and thankfully today I got an email offering me 25% off. So what if at the moment I can't even afford that?

SHOES ARE A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT! So refresh your memories as to The Dress I'm wearing and then let me know what you think of these beauties to go with it.

Alexandra - £120 (because you can't beat a good Mary Jane)

Gypsy - £140 (because it's a summer wedding)

Echinacea - £150 (because black goes with everything)

Eveline - £160 (because white would really pop against blue - wait, did I just say "pop"?)

Honolulu - £85 (because I want colour colour colour and they'd match my living room too)

Gypsy - £79 (because they'd match the dress and they're cheaper than the yellow ones!)

They will be mine. Oh yes they will. (Thank you Wayne's World)

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Fashion by David Bowie


Chaaar said...

I say either the black, the red, or the blue gypsy. I am biased heavily against white and yellow shoes though, so this may not be the best advice :)

Leftwingchica said...

I have a lovely pair of blue dansko clogs that are really fancy that I can never wear (and never wore) because after my issues with my legs I have to have shoes with better arch support. I'd give them to you for 31 pounds which is less than half of what I paid for them (granted this would help if you had feet that are on the bigger side).

I'm useless with these shoes because I don't buy shoes at all and when I do they are always $50 USD or under so fancy expensive shoes hurt my tiny apparently not girly enough brain.

PinkBow said...

love the top blue shoes...swoon!