Pretty pink rose

Today I was in Slough for a meeting with the rest of the QA marketing team. I love it when we all get together but Slough is a total ball ache to get to. I can be in London in 2 hours and 15 minutes, but Slough means being stuck in what is essentially a tin box with changes between Leeds, Kings Cross, Paddington, Slough and it takes over an hour to get from Kings Cross to Slough, then at least 15 minutes for me to power walk from the station to our office so I never make it to meetings before 10am unless I get a train around 6:30 which, despite me being a morning person, does tend to turn my brain to sponge and makes my calves burn.

It's not the early morning it's the train. And Slough which is a miserable horrible place.

Slough does have one advantage over Leeds though (and truly, only one) and that's Krispy Kreme.

I treated the team to a serious sugar injection today. I don't even like doughnuts but fudge Krispy Kreme are a religious experience. Oh baby.

I was completely entranced by the Glamour pink shimmer doughnut (not the taste, it was literally like eating lipgloss) but it looked the part and like Kay Thompson in Funny Face I was singing "Think Pink" to myself all afternoon.

I made beetroot and ginger soup (view my recipe here) and a pink grapefruit sea breeze.

and then I curled up in pink pyjamas, pink socks and burned Cherry Blossom Yankee candles to watch Legally Blonde. Thoroughly pink indeed.

The Boy is away again so tomorrow my friend Rach and I will be crossing chopsticks in Little Tokyo for a girlie night.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Pretty Pink Rose by David Bowie


Miss McCarthy said...

Naawww thanks lee mee! Let the tempura goodness commence om nom nom xxx

temmahkrik said...

That is the most gorgeous doughnut I've ever seen, but I think I'd agree with you on the taste. It looks terribly too sweet.