Pale blinds drawn on day

Good morning blogsphere,

It's another beautiful day here in Leeds, cool but bright and I am filled with joyous anticipation for this weekend.

I have been busting my butt (which incidentally is practically hanging out of the back of this minidress. Damnit, I knew it was too short for work!) to get our top room and living room ready by the completely set in stone deadline of this weekend and now that it's here and I've done it I can barely remember how stressful it's been.

I can visualise the completed living room - rich red carpet, warm ivory walls, icy white skirting boards, black shelving untils full of DVDs and books and CDs, a black glass entertainment unit with a huge television, black leather corner sofas, red cushions, a rollerblind at the window (red or cream?) with long red voile curtains, puddling down to the ground to soften the window and cunningly hide the myriad of cables coming out of the back of the entertainment centre.
I have selected 75 pictures of The Boy and I and our cherished friends which will be sent to Boots to be put into 3 photo collages of 25 pictures each (hang on does 2 x 25 = 75? *frets*) and will be put up on the wall by the door above my end table which has The Keydish, post pile and Yankee candles on it.

It's going to be warm and inviting and better yet everything will match and look great - no horrible sofas and carpets to hide or holes in the wall to distract the eye from.
I constantly have people round for dinner or drinks or movie nights or to stay the weekend so it's been absolutely horrible not to have an environment that I can feel myself in. No sooner do people come through the door than I am saying "god I'm so sorry this place is a TOTAL MESS and it's horrible and we're sorting it out I promise!!!" - not once have I felt like I can say "welcome to our home."

The top room is painted in a colour I have loved my whole life - a Gustavian grey which represents pure elegance and peace to me, I even listed to nothing but peaceful, elegant music whilst painting it as if I was painting the mood into the very walls.

The colour contrasts gorgeously with the same icy white floorboards and will be enhanced by the pale grey carpet, geometric black, grey and white bedsheets, a soft white bedthrow, silver bedframe and white bedside tables which I'm going to tuck a pretty box of Bon Bon chocolates into as a "welcome" to the Australians which are coming to stay. I have a silver framed full length mirror to put up in there, a beautiful French painting, and will buy some white and grey towels for them too.

It's going to look glorious. Next step will be to do up the kitchen and the bathroom but now the whole idea has changed - it was going to be done up quickly and cheaply so that we could rent out the house to other people and move into A Dream House of our own. Now we're going to stay here for a few more years, have starchildren and move into A Dream House when they're older.

I'm so looking forward to planning The Fantasy Bathroom and Wonderful Kitchen to do later in the year.

For now though I'm looking forward to having some chronic me-time.

I'm going to upgrade my look - new hair, lose some of my dangerous curves and then go for some new clothes. I need to buy 2 new outfits - once for my brother's wedding and one for the hen do - and I need new pyjamas NOW to demonstrate my commitment to some serious chilling.

Pyjamas = love.

My next project is to do up the front and back gardens which are small terraced house sized plots of land. Now that we're not moving I absolutely HAVE to have lavender here, I can't imagine living another day without it so I'm planning for the front garden - a lavender border around the tiny lawn and the back garden (which is being paved as we speak) will have pots of herbs and funky bright perennials.

I used to grow herbs in the back garden of my house in Cleckheaton (which I will soon be ploughing a metric fuckton of money into *winces*) and 5 species of lavender and it was WONDERFUL to sit out there in summer. A real suntrap where my friends and I would play music and chill out on lounge chairs and drink jugs of Long Island Iced Tea and read magazines.

I miss having that space - somewhere to hang out, hang out laundry and sit surrounded by pretty things and pretty smells.

I can easily create a small urban paradise here so I'll be straight down to B&Q on payday!

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: SoundAnd Vision by David Bowie