Oh honey watch that man

So the last you heard from me was:

Ladies and gentlemen I'm here to tell you (thank you Prince) that this is called "Tempting Fate"

Tempt fate
1. to do something which involves a risk and may cause something unpleasant to happen
I always feel it's tempting fate to leave the house without an umbrella
2. to cause bad luck for yourself by talking too confidently about a situation
It's probably tempting fate to say so, but I haven't had a cold all year
3. to take a foolish risk because you are depending too much on luck
She didn't want to tempt fate by turning down the job and hoping something better would be offered

On the way home from Slough, The Boy got into a car accident near Nottingham. Thankfully (and even now, nearly 3 days later I still keep catching my breath and saying "oh thank you" to whoever might have a hand in these things for this) he's ok.  He was only going 15mph, the car wasn't damaged and if he didn't sit so far forward in his seat like an old lady then the airbag might not have knocked him out and burst his hand like it did. He's ok. (I have to keep telling myself this because I am a gimp and it hasn't sunk in yet.)

My amazing Daddy was round profiling the skirting boards so that he could get an extra length of matching ones cut for the wall that used to have a fireplace on it (actually it turns out this couldn't happen in the timescales (KNEW IT!) and I now have mismatched ones but you know what, fuck it, no one will even notice and in the grand scheme of things are skirting boards even that important? Don't ask me that) and so he could drive me down to Nottingham to pick The Boy up from the hospital and bring him home again, about a 3 hour round-trip which is amazeballs of him. But then he is amazeballs.

This weekend was a blur of sand, paint, take up carpet, sweep, saw, hammer and clean.
We hired a van today for Saturday so that we can collect The New Sofa and today I was scouting pretty red accessories like cushions and throw rugs (EVERYONE needs them to snuggle under, they're absolutely necessary. SHUT IT BARCLAYS WHY ARE YOU TUTTING AT ME DAMNIT!?) and Yankee candle lamps to procure on payday.

I will share pictures of the finished rooms this weekend but for now - check out the work in progress!

I also procured a new teacup and saucer today because my saucer has gone missing AGAIN.
Very upsetting. When I redecorated my desk (what? I do that! It keeps me motivated) last and went for the them of black accessories (Goth Desk I called it) I had a fabulous black cup and saucer. The cleaners broke it (wankspanners) so I bought a lovely white cup and saucer. The cleaners broke it (wankspanners) so I bought a lovely white cup and saucer. The cleaners broke it (wankspanners) so I bought a lovely white cup and saucer. My saucer went missing so I now have ANOTHER lovely white cup and saucer. Phew.

I am seeing a pattern develop here.

This my new baby. She pretty. There is nothing quite so lovely as a new bone china cup and saucer without any horrible patterns and shit all over it.

And it goes well with the scone I was provided with today in order to celebrate a colleague's birthday.

Yes I use post it notes as plates, what of it?

My desk today has been quite the source of attention. You see I ordered some Lavender Honey recently and it arrived just before lunch. I opened the box, turned it on its side slid in my hand and pulled this out...

 That, my friends, is a bubble wrapped jar of honey. Or should I say half of one because the bottom half oozed the fuck out all over my desk like a river of honey and glass.
The other jar, thankfully, looked like this.

Which means I get to have greek yoghurt with lavender honey for supper. Thank you Wolds Way for agreeing to send me a second jar! Buy their stuffs here - tis lovely.

And this rambling nonsense is getting far too long now so I am going to shut up and continue with my sales data of awesome.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Watch That Man by David Bowie


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