Help hold the belt tight

Things that have irritated me today:

1) Asking someone for help, them not delivering and then having the audacity to lecture me on being stressed when they are CAUSING the stress.

I don't like asking people for help. I'm not proud, I'm just very capable and independent and like to be in control.

I would be the first person to move heaven and earth to help someone who needed it and whilst I don't expect the same from other people, I do expect that when someone does agree to help me - that they at least HELP ME. And you know it's not always convenient and it doesn't always go to plan but if it doesn't go to plan then I reserve the right to be upset or stressed or apoplectic with rage.

I won the sofa on ebay. We are collecting it in 8 days.
Before the sofa can go in the living room (and the living room is the ONLY place it will go, believe me) the carpet needs to be fitted. Before the carpet can be fitted the wall where the fireplace used to be needs skirting board that matches the other walls, and it all needs to be glossed.

Let me break this down into a timescale: I need 3 days to gloss because I work full time and will only have the evenings to put the 3 coats on that the skirting boards require. It needs to dry between coats so that's 3 days. Say the carpet goes in at the last possible time on Friday - 3 days back from that is Tuesday, that means that the skirting board needs to be fitted on Monday or Tuesday so that I can get it glossed before the carpet goes in.

Today is Friday. Within the next 3 days the skirting boards need to be profiled (a mould made of the existing ones) and matching ones need to be cut. My darling adored father hasn't managed to even profile the skirting boards yet let alone arrange for them to be made.

Is it likely that he will come and profile them and have them made before then? No.
Does he understand why I am extremely stressed and upset? No.

But I am. I need to get this room finished. I need everything to go according to plan.

To make it even worse, the construction dudes who have finished everything but the front flat roof which is being converted to a sloping one... well they now need to get into the living room and put in an AKRO. If there is ONE CRACK in the plaster or paint of the walls or ceiling I will not be responsible for my actions.

And they need to get into our bedroom - THE ONE ROOM IN THE HOUSE WHICH IS FINISHED AND PERFECT - to remove a radiator on the wall above the roof, drill into the wall and deal with a rogue wooden beam.

So now that wall will have to be replastered and painted and the carpet is £600 of cream wool. It will not like workmen tramping all over it and drilling rubble out of the frigging wall.

If there is ONE MARK on that carpet I will not be responsible for my actions.

And this is why I have been the female version of the Incredible Hulk today. LEE MEE SMASH.

I'm on my way home shortly to clean the house and cook dinner before The Boy gets home from his latest week away. He's in a bad mood too because the NEW car is being hinky and he's already got lost and hit traffic.

Something tells me this evening is not going to be the joyful reunion I had anticipated.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Heroes by David Bowie


Rhonasaurus said...

Deep breaths, it'll all be ok xxx

Lau said...

You're superwoman! You can do this!

Spalderdash said...

Oh, sweetie. Big hugs. I'm gutted that I can't be there to help you paint. :o( But your commenty-people are right - you CAN do this - and it will all work out somehow. It has to.

I love you. I hope your evening turns out to be a little more beautiful than you've been anticipating. xxxxxxxxx