Gee my life's a funny thing

So today I created a tweetcloud.

I love that my most tweeted word over the past 12 months is Love. I also don't know who Darren is... my boyfriend's actual name is "The Boy" - Darren is a chav name according to Best Friend Tom. (my male best friend. My female best friend is just called Best Friend. I don't need to keep Tom anonymous for his own protection. He could out-punch Chuck Norris using only a soggy care-bear and has as much modesty as Katie Price's left nipple)

And look how polite I am! Please and thanks and good morning and good night. I'm quite lovely you know.

When I'm not ranting about smoking anyway.

I have been memailing a gorgeous friend of mine (the fact that she's gorgeous isn't relevant to this anecdote, just a fact that I thought I'd throw in.) today and it got me to pondering again.

"Oh my goodness – I’m the same with "gay". Every time I call something “gay” I mentally bitch-slap myself because I absolutely abhor the idea that I might be perpetuating the idea that being gay is a negative thing. Do you know what though? From a literary point of view using it as such is a method of disempowering its negative effect. In the same way that “nigger” is used in hip hop by black people.

So after I cringe at myself I remind myself of Tupac Shakur. If the son of a black panther can perpetuate bringing the word “nigger” into subculture then I can use “gay” ironically without being a homophobe.

The current one for The Boy and I is AIDS. My littlest bro refers to it on average every 10 seconds and Tom for YEARS has been using it too. Last night Darren and I were in hysterics because I told him he had face AIDS. We were crying with laughter for about 20 minutes until I randomly started crying because I then started thinking about Gia who died of AIDS and wondered how I could be so horrible as to trivialise it. But that’s the weird thing about humour. In order to make something funny you have to trivialise it, in the same way you have to stereotype. You’re so right – it's funny that something can be funny to one person yet offensive to another. "

And it is sort of funny isn't it? Think of a joke that you find funny and then identify the ethnic group, sexual orientation, race, gender, physical attributes, species or other "category" of distinguishment that the joke is highlighting and mocking. Almost all jokes rely on stereotypes in one form or another and if you take it seriously or literally then it's really quite a horrible thing to say. Disguised with humour it's socially acceptable to mock the crippled or the disenfranchised.

What a funny world we do live in.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Young Americans by David Bowie


Spalderdash said...

"He could out-punch Chuck Norris using only a soggy care-bear and has as much modesty as Katie Price's left nipple." <--- BWAHAHAHAHAAA! Too right!

I used to use 'gay' fairly often, until I met my first homo. He hated the term being used in such a manner, and who could blame him? I was particularly careful when I moved to London and found myself on the setlist for Will & Grace (well, near enough). Now I'm one of those annoying people who tells her friends off for saying "gaaaaaaaay" when they miss the bus.

The world is very P.C. now. It frightens me as I'm a horribly offensive fuckhead. xxxxxxx

Etoile Filante said...

I used to tell Josh off for using "gay" and then he totally suckered me into saying it. DAMN THOSE KIDS MAKING US BE DOWN WITH THEM!
*smooches you*