All you've got to do is win

Charlie Sheen... love him or hate him you've got to admit that the man knows how to grab a headline and how to spin a soundbite. #winning is without a doubt the hottest trend on Twitter, and the catchphrase of March 2011. Whether they're using it ironically or in loving homage to The Sheen the point is... they're using it.

And that's what makes this 45 year old demented man-child successful. Despite my agreeing with the Guardian readers poll that he's tragic rather than comedic - you've got to grudgingly admire the method to the dude's madness. In my opinion he's the next Britney Spears in terms of "oh he's so crazy... ha ha... no, wait, this isn't funny it's serious".

I can't stand Britney Spears, that's a well known fact, but I knew she was an insane future cautionary tale since she first smashed onto our screens with her irritating attempts to bring out the pedophile in every man. I see the same demented "LOOK AT MEEE PLEEEAASE" expression in Charlie Sheen's eyes. The guy is headed for tragedy and all the laughing at his antics on the way down won't change that. But we will laugh.

It makes me feel bad to perpetuate "winning" as the word du jour but this morning I was alerted that I had won The Perfect Sofa on ebay... a huge, curved corner black leather sofa worth £2.5K for £112.

I rule at shopping.

The first thing I did? Tweet about it complete with triplicate use of #winning.

And then I ate a winning breakfast bagel - peanut butter, banana and honey - with a winning cup of Chocolate Assam Teapigs.

I was also winning last night at celebrating my return to winning at work with a watermelon and strawberry cocktail... and a strawberry donut.

Yes, I sugared the rim of the glass and everything. it's all in the details.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Win by David Bowie


Spalderdash said...

Huzzah for new sofa! We can haz picture soon please kthxbai. xxxxxxxxx

P.S. That cocktail looks too delicious at 11.37am.

Miss McCarthy said...

WINNING!!! did not get this, I have clearly had my head up my arse for the past couple of weeks...I do