The Width of a Circle

This morning I woke to blissful silence and enough light to read by whilst The Boy slept on. I couldn't sleep for a long time last night - just lay awake listening to the rain fall steadily on and watched the patterns of light cast on the ceiling by the passing cars.
I've been reading How To Paint a Dead Man - lovingly written and very seductive in its prose.

After snuggletime and breakfast The Boy did some work whilst I walked into town to fill our fridge with yummies.
I love Leeds outdoor market; all the hustle and bustle of people, the stalls filled with brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, arranged like jewels on display. I bought rhubarb, cherries, lychees, bananas, courgettes, shallots, bell peppers, white mushrooms (for The Boy, I'm allergic) and the softest, ripest peaches. And all for under £10.

Then on to Out of This World to stock up on Teapigs and Fentiman's rose lemonade, to Tescos for herbs, spices, coconut milk and fish (for The Boy, I loathe the smell of fish so don't eat it).

After filling my bags with groceries I went to Lush to treat myself to some It's Raining Men shower gel because my Lush Ladies kindly gave me a sample on Wednesday and it smelt so utterly gorgeous that I had to buy some. I came away with a huge sample of Marilyn too to treat my hair with. And some Love Lettuce.

I am prone to fanciful thoughts and sometimes wonder what aliens would think, visiting our planet and observing us. "She seems to be rubbing her skin with some kind of grease, and smiling, and she's sniffing herself! Swooning at the secret smells of her skin"

I returned some books to the library and picked up some more, I wanted to join the protest going on inside but had fresh herbs and fish that needed to be refridgerated so called The Boy to come and pick me up. Whilst waiting for him I watched the balletic grace and raw energy of the kids Free Running in their regular spot outside the library and art gallery.

Years of gymnastics, trampolining and yoga have given me balance and flexibility which coupled with my complete lack of fear or inhibition should make this an ideal activity for me. Sadly at a cake-fuelled size 16, recovering from pneumonia I think my potential in flinging myself from lamposts and down steps will probably not be realised in this lifetime.

After cleaning the house we're now snuggled in bed watching The Road - so far it's been a stunning post-apocalyptic movie shot in sepia with a lovely score - and will then be making a fish pie for The Boy, or a banana and lychee curry with king prawns.

After dinner we're going to see The Black Swan again. HURRAH! (just a little bit obsessed)

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: The Width of A Circle by David Bowie


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