Strange fascination, fascinating me

WHY do I do this to myself? Why?

Last night saw me curled up on my bed with my darling friend Rachie, who is visiting from Scotchland. She always spoils me rotten when she visits - this time she brought me beautiful tiny jars of luxury condiments, cinnamon shortbread, a wheel of cheese and some homemade red velvet cupcakes with cheesecake frosting. Oooh and a bottle of red wine.

It was the red wine that done me in, guv.

I made us some tomato and basil soup with garlic bread to dunk in (I'm big on dunking. Everything should be dunkable. Except witches. And Dairylea - it's not food) and grated some mozarella on top. Om nom nom gooey goodness. After dinner we cracked open a box of the finest handmade chocolates that Bon Bon had to offer (I bought some yesterday as a thank you to my fabulous colleague Amanda just for being fabulous and couldn't resist getting a leeeetle box for us too) and had a Sex & The City Marathon whilst she studied for a diving training certificate. (which she passed today! CONGRATULATIONS!)

I had lunch with my darlingest Nana yesterday (who has dyed her hair purple by the way. Raddest Nan EVER!) and due to being exceptionally busy at work I literally didn't have a single drink all day except for the cup of lavender tea I had with my lunch. Note to self dehydration is not a desirable precurser to drinking three glasses of red wine.

Oh my poor head. I am such a stupid.

Today I have been mainlining jasmine teapigs and bottles of pomegranite water from Pret but my hangover has not budged an inch. I was walking to work this morning, blasting some Bowie through my Skull Candy headphones and mistakenly thinking that my hangover had gone.


I think the fresh air just cleared my head temporarily because now I feel like pidgeons are pecking me in the face. Hang on, why do you never see baby pidgeons?

In a few hours I have to go home and be productive.

I must unblock the drain full of construction sludge because the shower is a STATE at the moment. I must stuff chicken with garlic, cream cheese and basil, wrap it in parma ham and bake it along with some courgette, halloumi and tomato cubes in basil oil.
I must finish stripping the living room.

The Boy comes home tonight after ANOTHER week away. Must not go home, drink wine and have fun. Must absolutely drink water and do something productive.

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Changes by David Bowie