As I ask you to focus on

It's pushing 6pm on a frigid Sunday night and I'm curled up in bed wearing yoga pants that I haven't used for their literal purpose in... OK I can't even remember how long which considering once upon a time I used to do yoga every night before bed is quite shameful. And tragic.
I'm also wearing one of this year's Comic Relief vests - despite pledging my eternal love to the fabulous Vivienne Westwood I secretly prefer last year's designs by Stella McCartney.

Shhhhh don't tell her.

I'm peeling long graceful coils from braeburn apples and dipping them into cinnamon and brown sugar. It goes perfectly with the cup of chai Teapigs I'm drinking. Mmmmm oriental spicy goodness.

The Boy left an couple of hours ago for sunny Slough where he'll be working for the majority of the next 2 weeks. I had hoped to spend my boy-free evenings working on the house as we have people in ripping out fireplaces, blocking them up, plastering, replacing windows and doors and I wanted to start stripping the walls of the living room and get them plastered, primed and painted by the time he got back. Sadly with one thing and another this weekend we didn't get to B&Q so I could stock up on the shit to do this with.

We also didn't get the cellar cleared and all the junk taken to the tip. We didn't DO ALL THE THINGS because on the way back from our glorious trip to the Lake District the car broke down on the M6 and The Boy spent most of this weekend buying a new car to replace it and get him to Slough in. Sad times.

Still he is now the owner of a shiny new golf, his fantasy car (I just adore men who don't need to ahem overcompensate don't you?) and I am up to my elbows in swatches for paint, carpet and endless choices for sofas and shelving units.

I am also keeping a weather eye on the Gypsies which moved back in across the road. Yesterday after The Boy left to go car shopping they came up to our front garden to eye up the scaffolding and random stuff left by out builders. They were not pleased to have me come out of what they clearly assumed was an empty house and ask them if they were lost.

Their settlement is across the road and I am already sick of their loud generator, loud music and the sound of the kids boxing and chasing their dogs. It was snowing yesterday, surely far too cold for kids to be outside boxing each other?

The holiday was lovely by the way - fun with his family in a wooden cabin in The Lake District which was surrounded by strutting peacocks. Yes, PEACOCKS!

I packed the essentials required for every situation - Yankee candles, teapigs and my own cup and saucer, plus plenty of things to keep me entertained - a scarf I have been trying to knit from wool made of wriggling kittens, 5 books, my travel diary and rainbow stationary so that I could write silly letters to a darling friend, so that she could read them whilst weeing.

The scenery as ever was glorious - we went for walks on the beach, boat rides on Lake Windermere and I stuffed myself with yummage. Meh, when in Rome.

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Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr

Title: Life On Mars by David Bowie