Across the Universe

I nearly called this entry "Twitter - because no one gives a shit what you did 5 minutes ago" but that would interfere with my tradition of using Bowie lyrics for my blog titles and then my OCD would kick off and I'd 'splode in a ball of glitter and cake crumbs and where would I go?

Where we go after we explode in a ball of glitter and cake crumbs is a subject for another blog entry. Probably one where I'm jacked up on vin rouge and have been slowly eaten by the purple beanbag belonging to The Boy's best friend. I tend to wax lyrical about such things when I'm drunk. As my darling friend Rach will confirm - wine makes you wise (wine + cheese = wise actually. I may be dyscalculic but that adds up!) and I would need to be in a wise mood in order to tackle the Life After Death debate.

Today I'm in a far too ebullient mood to actually think so you get a collection of random tweets from the past month that I came across whilst looking for something else. If you must know I was looking for a tweet by Big Ben which simply said "BONG BONG BONG BONG" and I retweeted it to share the glory with the world. Because it is genius.

I wrote this extract from How To Paint A Dead Man because after I read it I was filled with awe for such utterly, utterly beautiful prose.

Chocolate Assam Teapigs. Look into it.

Yeah, this was gross. Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds, a vodka and lemonade... with a fingernail in it. I took a swig, felt something brush against my tongue, picked it out thinking it was a lemon pip and it was A HUMAN FINGERNAIL

That's good advice. Write that down. (Oh how I love Van Wilder!)

This is critical. Where is selling rainbow striped toe socks at the moment. I have one pair left due to wearing them so often that they developed holey bits. HELP!

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Across The Universe by David Bowie