Friday on my mind

I last left you contemplating the healing power of that certain hue of red lipstick so I suppose it's rather poetic that I woke this morning, licked my lips and encountered a perfumed film of lipstick of the same shade.

Yes, I slept in my makeup. I'm as hopeless at questing as Don Quixote when there's wine involved.

My quest didn't exactly go to plan either. I got home from work, gooped up my hair with Blonde Aphrodite dye and started digging for red nail polish. I must have ever shade of every colour of nail polish in that damned bag but could I find red? No.

Salvation came in the form a hysterical message to my neighbour Holly, the future of rock n roll. She ran over with the perfect shade of scarlet harlot which I stabbed at my nails whilst watching my hair turn rapidly ginger.


I only had an hour and a half in the first place to get my hair dyed, showered, dressed, made up and figure out a hair style and unfortunately The Boy, wonderful thought he is did not quite understand quite how furious I would be when he booked a taxi 20 minutes earlier than we needed to be meeting everyone. Not his fault I suppose - he asked me if I could be ready on time and I didn't realise that I had another 20 minutes available.

So with half dried hair, the highest of heels, my new dress, scarlet accessories galore I was about to run down to the taxi when The Boy pointed out that my dress was so short that he could see my ass when I leant forwards. Not a "you look gorgeous", a "what on earth are you wearing"

Way to boost my confidence! Haha.

We had drinks, dinner and then the group moved on to go out for more drinks but by then my ladybits were in crippling agony and I didn't want to be a party pooper. So I left The Boy to go out raving and I got a taxi home and promptly fell asleep in my makeup.

I was also woken in the very undignified hours of the morning by his vomiting.

Girl needs an almond croissant, pronto. To Salt's Deli!

Ziggy played guitarrrrrraaaaarrrrraaaarrrrrr.

Title: Friday On My Mind by David Bowie


Nadia said...

Oh deary me!! *hugs* Is your hair ginger then?!

Etoile Filante said...

No, luckily it's just a darker, duller blonde than I would usually go. It will brighten up with a little help from Lush!